The scenery of Jiang Bulake is flowing. There are flower wonderland of Huahaizi, quiet and mysterious black dam, the world’s strangest slope Tian Shan, and the idyllic village scenery.

The sky is green and the wild is wild. The wind blows the grass and the cattle and sheep are seen. A few thin clouds are floating in the light blue sky. The hills in front are continuous to the end of view.

It is in such a magical place that more than 40 people from the “Pure View” are facing the unique sun and bearing the hot weather in Xinjiang. The children and volunteers started the journey in Jiang Bulak with the oil painting boxes, picture frames and painting materials donated from varous places.

The flowers are higher over the knee. Those fritillary flowers, and the small yellow and purple flowers without name are all over the mountains. The wheat sea forms various large waves with the wind.

Crossing in the wheat waves, everyone could feel the “power” of the sun in Xinjiang. Walking through the wheat waves, crossing the farmland, we finally found the only big tree on this vast grassland.

The little volunteers opened the shelves immediately and started the paintings.

The scenery of Jiang Bulak is a static and flowing landscape.


How to express this static flow with static, two-dimensional pictures?

Volunteers brought the children creative tools that made them extremely excited.

The girl from Tatar Elementary School said excitedly: “I love my painting too much!”

Even though the scenes with wheat wave and distant mountains are so abstract, every children can still quickly find their own one from dozens of works. They love it,  and repeatedly asked whether it can be taken home.

The purest thing in this world is the piar of eyes of the kids.

Rodin once said: “The life is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery.”