There is a mysterious land named “Jiang Bulake” has been hidden inside Qitai for a long time. It is the centre of the southern mountainous area of ​​Qitai, and spans Jimsar, Qitai and Mulei counties. The locals reverently call this place “the source of holy water” (“Kazak” in Kazakh).

Jiang Bulake leans in the majestic arms of the Tian Shan, covered with piles of snow, conserving water and soil, forming the wonderful seasons of warm winter and cool summer. This unique geographical location and climatic conditions also gave birth to a beautiful and charming nature.

From the snow-capped mountains to the alpine meadows, to the forests, and the grassland landscapes of the shallow mountains, all of them have been the pride of the locals as a wonderland.

There is no other grassland in China can have such a unique geographical environment like Jiang Bulake. From the Bogda Peak to the east, along the northern slope of the eastern Tian Shan, most of the sights are ridiculously depressed. Most of the rolling hills are naked with appearance of a yellowish bare.

However, this majestic mountain suddenly turned a round when extending to the area of ​​Qibiangou in Qitai County, as if an arm was bent over a shallow valley: the low-lying terrain not only locked the snow in the Tianshan Mountains. It also carried the rain, and thus went east, giving birth to a vast and vibrant Jiangbulak grassland.

On this wonderland, our little volunteers met the local children from Qitai Tatar Primary School in Xinjiang. The Kazakh and Tatar children were very excited with the professional painting tools.

These children seem to have a unique perception of grassland by nature. They ran on the grass with box of oil paints as if they were on the flat ground.

Adhering to the initial goal of “Pure View”, we don’t just want to teach our children the professional painting skills. The precious thing for children is their innocence and casualness. We want to inspire their meticulous observation, perception, and ability to explore nature, the world, and the things around them. We want to maintain their original and most original qualities.


Jie Li-elbraechter said:

We are here to observe. Observe the uniqueness of every scene and every thing around us. The pattern of the blanket, the appearance of the classmates around us, the decoration of the yurt, and the temperament of the local fellows. There may be 100 kinds of black hair and 100 kinds of white clothes. Learning to observe is the most important thing.


On the green carpet-like grassland, we circled in a white tent. The little volunteers introduced each other to the local primary school students. They learned, recorded and painted each other with pairs.

Kids were shy to each other at the beginning. However, they were soon playing together and help each other. They also started the footballl “fight” on the grassland.

The way that kids staring at each other is so funny. To draw down the other’s eyes, they told their partner to open their eyes bigger!

Every pairs of eyes are full of focus and sincerity..

Evert brush is devoted to the sprit of  seriousness and exploration..

After several conversations and paiting, kids are soon close to each other. The vibe in the tent is getting higher and higher. It is so easy to get a friend!