Today is the 6th day that the volunteers haven’t taken any shower.

Xinjiang has longer day time than any other places. It is also located the farthest away from the sea. This land uses its drought to breed the sweetest fruit.

Everybody uses the same basin of water, brushing teeth, cleaning face and washing clothes…

After 6 days of hard time with lack of water, it has been so precious to wash hands.

Of course, it is the same for the electricity usage.

The intense heatwave could boil the whole day from 7AM to 7PM. Volunteers usually walk to the next village for exercise after 7PM.

9PM, sun starts going down slowly.

However, little volunteers still stay focused on their paintings.

Even though it has become dark, nobody seems to move the body and go home. Volunteers have to hold the light for the little kids.

Moon comes out eventually. Little volunteers walked back reluctantly, through the village, across the wheat fields, over the hills…

Do you still remember your journey to the dream? Through the village, across the wheat fields, over the hills and crowds…


The sage Socrates once said: “The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal.”


“Pure View” helps to record the dreams for these kids from Xinjiang and also other places over the world.

Dear kids, no matter what your dream is, no matter whether it would come true, “Pure View” will cherish and save it down. Let’s look back at it after years.