2019.12.29-2020.1.1  Duabi

New Year Trip

NOTHINGART’s High-end Art Tour to Dubai

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Every art tour of NAT focuses on thinking, refining, and finding. Since 2009, NAT’s professional team has been to Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Turkey, UK, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and all over China.

Where is Dubai?

The luxury cars could be easily found along the street.  You may bump into Tinie Tempah walking his tiger.

Let’s spend a special new year in Dubai this year!


Day 1, Dec 29

Sheikh Zayed Mosque → Emirates Palace → Abu Dhabi Corniche and Breakwater → Louvre Abu Dhabi

There are lots of famous and unique buildings in Dubai.

The majority of UAE are Islam, so there are many mosques here. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is famous for its luxury. Only the gold usage is around 46 tons. The white marble wall are the crystal chandeliers are tens of thousands of miles. The white marble domes and walls are faintly lit in the sun.

The total cost of construction is about $5.5 billion. The giant carpets and crystal-plated chandeliers in the temple are the best in the world.

The Emirates Palace  is a luxury five star hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates operated by Kempinski and opened in November 2005. As an iconic Abu Dhabi landmark, this beautiful hotel blends Arabian splendour with the latest luxuries to create a magical and memorable experience.

The tree-lined boulevard is built around the waterfront area, with beaches, gardens and beautiful buildings along the promenade. It is even more impressive in the blue Persian Gulf. Whenever it is day or night, from here, you can browse the beautiful scenery of the city.

In the desert country, the rain is rare, no grass, no fresh water, and water is more expensive than oil. The trees and flowers can be seen on the Abu Dhabi Waterfront Avenue, which is not an easy job.

The artwork can’t be missed.

The oil-rich UAE hopes to “copy” a Louvre in the country. The prestigious Louvre will open branches in the UAE, lending exhibits and allowing them to use the name of the “Louvre”.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, which costs $1.1 billion and ten years to build, is the first comprehensive museum in Arabia. Let us go and explore this white behemoth in this piece of yellow sand.

Day 2, Dec 30

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah → Castle Market → Palm Jumeirah → Box Park → Arab Historic Buildings → Dubai Creek → Ayyam Gallery → Desert Sands

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s most famous spots. Every time you mention Dubai, people can always think of this ultimately luxury hotel.

It is also the only seven-star hotel in the world, with every suite enjoying the unrivaled views of the Arabian Gulf.

In the old castle market, to experience the modern version of the traditional market, this retro Arab market (in the luxurious Jumeirah Castle Hotel) is definitely the perfect choice. The bustling scenes, the scent, and the shopping surprises in every corner bring a different experience.

Strolling through the ancient towers, the corridors with lanterns and the narrow waterways, you can feel the old time. You can find your favorite baby in the brightly colored textiles, colorful spices and exquisite handmade souvenirs. The city’s concentrated collection of jewellery, antiques and art is also distinctive, complementing the elegant Arabian-style architectural background.

Palm Island is the world’s largest artificial island. It is known as the eighth wonder of the world and is a must-see for tourists coming to Dubai. From the city centre, take the Palm Island exclusive light rail and admire the islands on both sides of the road to the end of the Atlantis Hotel.

Most of the island has high-end residential areas and upscale hotels. After getting off at the end of the crescent-shaped dyke, you can see the endless Persian Gulf and you can see the panoramic view of the Atlantis Hotel.

Day 3, Dec 31

Burj Khalifa → Dubai Mall → Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s landmark and is the tallest building in the world that cannot be missed.

Its height is 828 meters and it has 162 floors. Visitors can take the world’s fastest sightseeing elevator and climb to the 124th floor observation deck in 60 seconds. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of Dubai and 360 degrees overlooking the desert. The modern upstart that rises from the ground is quite spectacular.

We are going to the 148th floor in the evening. Although the admission fare is expensive, you will feel worth it the moment you are there.

Half of the ocean and half of the desert, Dubai is a city full of magic. In just a few decades, it has been called “the city of miracles” from nothing.

Pristine beaches, year-round sunshine, global luxury collections, world-renowned art and architecture complexes, rich Arab cultural heritage…


Let us welcome to the first day of 2020 in the “City of Miracles”


If you are interested, please contact through WeChat:nothingart2019

Total Fee:¥109000
Fee Includes:
*Transportation inside Dubai
*3 meals a day (excluding own drinks and snacks)
*Special fine dining with firework in the new year night
*5-star or above hotel (excluding personal expenses)  
Fee Excludes:
*Visa fee
*Flight tickets
*Travel insurance
*Personal expenses
*Personal shopping expenses
*Any other activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary
Please pay your special attentions to the following points:
* Women should not wear a halter, belly, knees, tight, transparent clothes;
* Men should not wear shorts or shirts in public;
* Men should not wear feminine fashion jewelry;
* Do not yell in public places, speak out, or harass others in any way;
* Do not wear pajamas, clothes with images or inappropriate words into the mosque, and wear neat and tidy clothes in the mosque.
* Except for drinking in hotels or apartments, there is no place to drink in other places or on the street;
* Pay attention to respecting the various regulations and customs of Islam, such as eating and drinking during the day during Ramadan;
* In dealing with local people, you can’t talk to your wife about the situation with your husband. You can only talk a few words with women, you can’t talk to them alone or for a long time, and you can’t look at their costumes because of curiosity. Don’t take pictures of them
*The Arabs often add an “Inshaala” to any person’s invitations and appointments. This means agreeing. If there is no accident, the date will be complied with, but the Chinese cannot believe. People who are religiously religious and highly educated have a high degree of compliance. In addition, in the local Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi people, they are still used to saying Yes in the mouth, but they have shaken their heads with the long sound of Yes, which is still affirmative for their habits;
* Arabs are used to greetings when they meet for more than a dozen times, and unless they are very familiar friends, they only greet their families and not greet their wives. The banquets are generally outside the restaurant. If the banquet is at home, the hostess will not come out. If you are taking a coffee, usually a half-small cup is poured out from the thermos. After the drink, the waiter will continue to add it. Unless the thumb and middle finger shake the small cup in the hand, it means that it is enough;
* Smoking is strictly prohibited in public. If it is found, it will be severely punished by relevant local law enforcement agencies, and the penalty is as high as 500-10,000 USD. Please do not violate the regulations;
* Photographing If you want to take pictures of local people, you must obtain prior consent.
* Dubai has a wide road surface and fast speed. It is forbidden to overspeed. It is not allowed to stop at random. If driving after drinking, not only will the driver’s license be detained, but it will also be imprisoned for one month. Fasten your seat belt while driving. It is strictly forbidden to use the mobile phone, otherwise it will be fined 400 dirhams;
* Duty Free Shop at Dubai Airport is open 24 hours a day, and its scale is among the best in the world’s duty-free shops;
* If you go to the restaurant of a seven-star hotel, it is recommended to prepare a formal set of clothing;
* The street in Dubai does not sell alcohol. Non-Arabs must hold a liquor licence to buy wine and purchase it at a designated place;
* Dubai government agencies, schools and other institutions weekends are Thursday and Friday, many Dubai shops will be closed for one or two hours at noon.