Germany-Italy, December, 2019

Art Tour

nothing’s High-end Art Tour to Dubai

NAT(NOTHINGART-Tour)It is a high-end platform for art professionals, art collectors and enthusiasts to integrate art, travel and life.
Every art tour of NAT is unique: connect art collectors, art galleries and artists; help collectors find their favorite artworks and help artists find inspiration…
Every art tour of NAT focuses on thinking, refining, and finding. Since 2009, NAT’s professional team has been to Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Turkey, UK, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and all over China.

Organizer ☂



Partnership ☂

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Deichtorhallen Sammlung Falckenberg

Muenster Kunstakademie

Museen Staedel

Schirn Kunsthalle

venice biennalle


 Explore the German and Italian High-end Art Circles

 Visit ☂

Famous Germany Art Galleries & Museums

Venice Biennale 2019 Guide Tour

Famous Artists

Dinner with Collectors

Local Restaurant & Bar

 Reception ☂ 

Director of Museum/Art Gallery

Senior Curators

World class top gallery owner

Artists, Collectors, etc.

One-Stop Service ☂

Assistance with visa processing

Full-service luxury business VAN transportation

Upscale lunch, dinner (including Michelin)

4-star up signature high-end hotels

Bilingual/multilingual simultaneous interpretation

Other high-end travel services


Date Activity
10/13 Arrived in Hamburg with the reception of collectors
10/14 Visit the art gallery (guide tour with professional curators)

Visit the artist studio

Deciphering interesting places in Hamburg (no spoiler)

10/15 Visit the featured exhibition (curator/artist)

Discussion in artist studio

Dinner with artists


Arrived in Münster

Visit the Münster School of Art (guided tour of the school teacher)

Cycling/walking on the riverside boulevard, watching the collection of the 10-year-old Münster Sculpture Exhibition


Visit the artist studio and talk to the artists

Visit the gallery and talk to the gallery owner

Münster Michelin Hotel Dinner


Arrived in Venice

Visit the Venice Biennale, professional guided tour

10/19 Visit the Venice Biennale, professional guided tour

Free Time

10/20 Return



If you are interested, please contact through WeChat:nothingart2019

Total Fee


Fee Includes
*Tickets for local air tickets, trains, and cars involved in the event

*Tickets for art galleries, museums, exhibitions, etc.

*Professional tour guide fee

*3 meals in the whole day (excluding personal drinks and snacks)

*Accomondation (excluding personal consumption)


Fee Excludes:
*Visa Fees

*Air ticket to Hamburg and return ticket from Venice

*Airline and travel insurance

*Personal expenses (including drinks, visa fees)

*Personal purchases


*Any other fees not mentioned in the activities

Six people tour