Everyone grows up slowly in the experience of the road of life. When we hide the rebelliousness, converge on the edge, learn to be tolerant and let go, we will always hide some feelings in our hearts without revealing traces. Always turn it out of a dusty corner when you are alone, and relish it alone…

When the dilemmas and pressures in various life come to the fore, it is necessary to suppress your inner feelings, or joy or sadness or nostalgia or resentment.

The tour “Meet in Xinjiang” may be one of your best choices.

Xinjiang, the most inland vast land in China, borders on 8 countries: the northeast is adjacent to Mongolia, the north is bordered by the Russian Federation, and the northwest and west are bordered by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, respectively. Connected with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Since ancient times, when we stepped into this land, it is like entering an exotic peach flower source in China. No one knows who you are, no one will care who you are, let go of Sahuan and enjoy the difference. Natural style and humanistic style.

Day 01

Arrived at Urumqi Airport (pick-up can be arranged).

Stay at the Urumqi Featured Rock Hotel that night.

Rock is the most passionate source of music, able to stimulate your hormones from the deepest. We will start from here to let your emotions get released! This is a mysterious hotel that can’t be found on Ctrip. It may become the guiding line that ignites your inner hidden emotions. 

Day 02

Drive from Urumqi to Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area.

Here the snow peaks are reflected, the spruce is surrounded, the water is like a mirror, and the scenery is picturesque. Close your eyes and feel the breeze, the most able to sweep away the troubles, encounters and uneasiness in your heart. In the morning, I experienced a fairyland. In the afternoon, we went to the Qitai Devil City. In the day, I experienced the two extremes of representing good and evil in mythological stories. Is it very exciting?
The Devil City is a mysterious ancient city hide hidden in the depths of the General Gobi. The city covers an area of ​​about 80 square kilometers. Whenever the night winds up, the city will make a sinister voice, which sounds like the devil’s voice in mythology, so people call this place the devil city. There are many vivid rock shapes in the Devil City, such as the Arab mosque, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and the Potala Palace in Sima. Some are like the late return of the peasant woman, the heroes of the heavens, the monk chanting, the eight guards sleeping, the oxen ploughing, the pandas playing, the sultan water, the monkeys watching the mountains. These imaginative shapes are all vivid. In geology, the Devil City is known as the wind erosion landform or the Yadan landform.

Day 03

Visit local artists.

Look at these artists who are splashing ink on this exotic land, how to release the strongest and hottest feelings between the use of color and brushstrokes, and exchange and communicate with nowhere. Deep story…

In the afternoon, head to Jiangbulak.

Jiangbulak is a national 4A-level scenic spot, only after the Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area. The rivers and valleys of the river are full of lush vegetation. The mountains and flowers are everywhere, and the mountains are full of lush greenery. It is not far from the Seltai Gorge. There is a cave in the valley, which can make a sound of “squeaky” air. The strange thing is that you can’t feel the wind. Coupled with the surrounding cabins scattered in the grass, people feel a mysterious color. 
In the evening, we will stay in the most natural state, in the yurt full of local characteristics, under the soft grassland, look up is full of stars, you can sing, can think deeply, can meditate…

Day 04

Say goodbye to Jiangbulak and head to the Kumutage Desert.

Compared with the Jiangbulak grassland where the water plants were abundant the previous day, the Kumutage Desert is vast and desolate, and it is also the two extremes. We are always easy to go to extremes in our feelings. Then, we will constantly think about changing in the extreme but magnificent scenery, and indulge in the extremes of emotions that we dare or do not want to indulge! In the desert, there is a natural wonder called the mirage. Even if it is difficult to control and grasp like the regrets in life, maybe we would get a chance?
We will go to the ancient village of Uygur in Turpan. The green houses in the shade of several green trees stand quietly and are the most essential features of Xinjiang. Overnight in Turpan.

Day 05

Go to the old city of Jiaohe.

The Jiaohe Old City was founded and built by the car masters from the 2nd to the 5th century BC. It reached its peak in the Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Tang Dynasty. After 14 years of the rebellious army of the Mongolian nobles Haidu, after many years of brutal wars, they successively attacked Gaochang and handed over the river. Force local residents to abandon traditional Buddhist beliefs and convert to Islam. Jiaohe City was seriously damaged. Under the double attack of spirit and material, it finally completed its life course. Walking into this ancient city, full of historical stories and war scars, it seems that every dust is telling us the story. We can feel its absurdity and imagine its majestic grandeur.
In the afternoon, we will go to the Flame Mountain.
The flaming mountain is the hottest place in China. The highest temperature in summer is 47.8 degrees Celsius, and the highest surface temperature is 89 degrees Celsius. Most of the local houses are half-ground, half buried in the ground, and the fast-dissipating adobe has always been the main local area. Building materials. This is a place where Chinese men, women and children are familiar. In childhood memories, “Journey to the West”, Sun Monkey is not here to eat. When we are really immersed in the situation, we touched the mountain land here to see if it was really hot and hot, just like the deep love of the iron fan princess.
After that, we will travel to the Su Gong Tower.
Sugong Tower is a novel and unique Islamic ancient pagoda. It is the largest existing ancient pagoda in Xinjiang, all built with blue-gray bricks. The surface of the tower is layered with 15 geometric patterns such as triangle, four-petal pattern, water ripple and rhombic pattern, which has a strong Islamic architectural style.
Overnight at the Tianshan Grand Canyon in Urumqi.

Day 06

We will stay in the Tianshan Grand Canyon in Urumqi until the afternoon.

The Tianshan Grand Canyon of Urumqi is a national 5A level scenic spot, a national forest park, a national sports and leisure base, and a hiking base for autonomous regions.

Get up early, after breakfast, we can go hiking and breathe fresh air all the way.

In the afternoon, head to the Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi (Uygur language, meaning the market, farmer’s market).

The Grand Bazaar integrates Islamic culture, architecture, national commerce, entertainment, and catering. It is the “Window of Xinjiang”, “Window of Central Asia” and “Window of the World”. It has a strong Islamic architectural style and covers the functions of the building. On the basis of sex and the sense of the times, it reproduces the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road and embodies the rich ethnic characteristics and regional culture of the Western Region.

Overnight in downtown Urumqi.

Day 07

After a few days of releax, hope we could be satisfied with our return journey.

In this trip to Xinjiang, we must indulge in the feelings hiden for a long time, indulge in the whole body into the sound of the flute, indulge in the natural scenery of the gods.

Looking forward to indulging together with you crazy!


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