Born in 1972 in Dongguan, Guangdong, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of South China Normal University in 1996 and now lives and works in Changan, Dongguan.

Notable works

” Counting Stars”, ” Constellation”, ” A Murder”, ” Prisoner”, ” Powder”, ” A Moonlight” and ” Flowers”


2014  Time is Money, Magic Stone Space, Beijing, China

” Efficiency is Life”, Magic Stone Space, Beijing, China

2011 Liu, Yangtze River Forum, Wuhan, China

Snowman, Arrow Factory Space, Beijing, China

2009  Lake: Forest, Observatory, Guangzhou, China

Li Jinghu: One Day, Artistic Orientation, Shenzhen, China

2006 No problem, Shenzhen sculpture institute, Shenzhen, China