Born in 1978, Deng Jun, with his solid foundation of study in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the careful cultivation of good teachers, used oil painting materials as a medium to create unique art confined to others in oil painting portraits. This exhibition presents a series of portraits of his latest creation, which are his interpretations of two completely different artistic forms of portrait “portrait” and “image”.


2008 Middle Age II won the “Third Oil Painting Exhibition of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts” award (the highest award);

The work “The Anti-seismic Model of the Spirit of the Times” won the “National Oil Painting Exhibition” excellent award (the highest award).            The work “Micro Flowers” won the Academic Award of “Figure Painting Exhibition in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up” (the highest prize).

The works “Water in a Pool” and “Hearing Fragrance” were selected into the First National Master of Arts Exhibition and were permanently collected by the Chinese Art Museum.

The works “You can do it, I can do it” are collected by the Kaisheng Art Museum of the Chinese Artists Association, and “Water in a Pool” is collected by the Chinese Art Museum.

“One to Middle Age” and “Two to Middle Age” are collected by Daphne Art Museum in Shenzhen, and “Earthquake Resistance Model”

2007 You can do it, I can do it, won the “Spirit of the Times – National Oil Painting Portrait Exhibition” excellent award (the highest award);            His work “Hearing Fragrance” won the Excellent Award of the Exhibition in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Hubei Artists Association.

His work “One of the Middle Ages” won the best academic award of “The Eighth Art Festival National University Art and Design Exhibition”.