November 8, 1968

Born in Xiangyang city, Hubei province

The Han nationality


Department of arts and crafts, central China normal university

She now lives and works in Beijing

As one of the earliest female painters in China who devoted herself to abstract painting in the late 1990s, du jie’s creative practice is centered on the beautiful lines painted on canvas and paper, exploring and visualizing the personal, psychological and subconscious world, thus delineating the inner flow of consciousness.


Du jie usually dips a brush into the solid acrylic paint to carefully draw a continuous complex loop of curves, which is an infinite cycle and full of freedom and constraints at the same time, and the work is usually named with the creation of the beginning and the end time, highlighting the concept of time.


Unlike other Asian conceptual artists such as kawara wen or xie deqing, she did not discuss time in artistic practice, thus triggering political discussions at that time or discussing personal identity in a non-native context. Instead, she exposed the inner world of artists through abstract visual expression in a more introspective, private and aesthetic way.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 sixteen return, Beijing zonal space Beijing
2012 The line without end,  Beijing pan-space Beijing
2008 farewell, Beijing mailer gallery Beijing
2004  journey of gratitude Mailer gallery, Switzerland


Group exhibitions

2019 The Subtle Relationships, Shanhai Art Museum, Beijing

New abstraction: The second exhibition, HDM gallery Beijing

2018 All This – coexistence Nan hai Art Center, San Francisco, USA

Second exhibition of abstract painting, Slake Gallery no. 9 Teck street, Essen, Germany

2016 Out of the peony pavilion: Chinese contemporary women art exhibition, Russian national museum, st. Petersburg
2015 Chinese contemporary abstract, Gallerie Frank Schlag & Cie.Germany
2014 Beijing international design exhibition Beijing hotel convention center Beijing

1964-2014 Paris invitational exhibition of works by 50 contemporary Chinese artists in 50 years of france-china friendship , Paris

2012 The first weibo exhibition, Song zhuang Art Museum, Beijing
2011 Red embroidery, Beijing 110 space, Beijing

Slow art, Chinese abstract singh museum, Netherlands

10 years of the white rabbit, Sydney, Australia

2010 Purity·Archive of invitational exhibition of contemporary art, Beijing museum of contemporary art, Beijing
2008 Women’s art exhibition in Songzhuang, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing
2007 Living in Songzhuang, songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing

Mahjong – hickey collection of Chinese contemporary art, Modern art museum, Salzburg, Austria

2006 Mah-jongg – hickey collection of Chinese contemporary art, Hamburg art museum, Germany
2005 Mah-jongg – hickey collection of Chinese contemporary art, Bern gallery, Switzerland
2004 Silk web: a new Chinese artist, meyler gallery, Switzerland

Asian women’s art exhibition, Tokyo women’s fine arts institute, Tokyo, Japan

2003 Rosary beads and brush strokes, Beijing Tokyo art project, Beijing
2002 Contemporary oil painting exhibition of Beijing female artists, Beijing red square show, Beijing


2015 Chinese abstract art

2010 Mahjong – xike collection of Chinese contemporary art

2010 White rabbit Chinese contemporary collection

2009 Slow art

2008 Goodbye

2003 Rosary and brush strokes