Born in 1963 in Hebei province, he is a famous contemporary artist, director of the contemporary art research center of China national academy of painting, a professional painter, the most important representative of China’s post-89 new art trend, and one of the four great kings of Chinese contemporary art.

He graduated from the printmaking department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989.

His works have been exhibited in China Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum in Japan, Pompidou Center in Paris, Switzerland, Basel Art Hall, Ludwig Museum in Germany, Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and other domestic and foreign academic institutions.  Important exhibitors include the 6th National Art Exhibition, Chinese Modern Art Exhibition, Chinese Avant-garde Art Exhibition, Asian Art Exhibition, etc.  His works are widely collected by Shanghai Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Ludwig Museum, National Art Museum of Berlin, East Asia Art Museum, Pompidou Center in Paris, Japan, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and other domestic and foreign institutions as well as collectors.

Notable Works

 Autumn 2007, January 1996, Time, Series 2-10