Huang Yuxing is an artist who draws by nature and instinct. He does not shy away from this instinct, just as he does not shy away from worshipping Jay Chou or Marlene Dumas. He expresses the mystery and excitement of peeping in the dark tone, which arouses the hormonal throb in people’s heart more than anything that can be clearly revealed.


2010 “Light – Huang Yuxing Painting Exhibition” ,Star Gallery,Beijing

“Light – Huang Yuxing’s Drawing Exhibition”,Red Bridge Gallery H&H SPACE,Shanghai

2008 “Life History in Changing——Huang Yuxing’s Solo Exhibition”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai
2007 “Hole——Huang Yuxing’s Solo Exhibition”, Star Gallery,Beijing
2003 “Adventure:Huang Yuxing’s Oil Painting”, Soka Art Center, Beijing


2010 “Light”, Star Space, Beijing, China “Light”, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2008 The Changing History of Life, Hong Qiao Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2008.

2007 Cave, Star Space, Beijing, China.