Currently Artist and Curator
Jin Feng was born in Shanghai in 1967. He studied Arts and Crafts in China Textile University (now Donghua University) and completed a B.F.A degree in 1991. Then he received a master degree in Visual Arts from Shanghai Theatre Academy. Since 2000, he has begun to engage in contemporary art and participated in a long term artistic autonomy project for artists group in Shanghai. Jin Feng also played the key role in founding Art-ba-ba contemporary art community and organizing “Festival to Come” series activities.


Recent years main exhibitions:

The Peak of All Evil: Jin Feng Solo Show, solo exhibition, 2016, Shanghai 21th Minsheng Art Museum;

I can’t be part of your revolution, solo exhibition, 2015, BANK Gallery;

Nonfigurative, group exhibition, 2015, Shanghai 21th Minsheng Art Museum.


Independent projects curated by him include:

“Drama Suspended: Undressing the Present”, Mecooon Comedy Club, Shanghai (December 2013);

public art project “Collective Imagination” K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai (December 2013).

His creation is more concerned with cooperation and global ecology politics.