Aurelio Álvarez Arguedas (Costa Rica, 1982)
Self-taughT artist, Post Dadaist. Ex former member of Puntarenas artists group NAVEGARTE (2001 2009
The first stage “Rapsodia Paramar“ was characterized by a very personal figuration drawn from the surrealistic plastic concepts of subjective approach and close to decoration. In an experimental process during the years(2003 2007) looks for the catalyst that activates the true sense of art, thus initiating the project ” This project was presented at the JugendArt in Olten, Switzerland in 2004, obtaining later the Förderpreise in 2006. Consecutively and influenced by Dadaism, visited the Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich, the birthplace of Dada; where later in May 2011 participates in the Coartex Event, activitity realized by the swiss artist Barbara Streiff.


2017 National Hall of Visual Arts, Costa Rican Art Museum, San José, Costa Rica.
2015 Between Centuries, Contemporary Art of Central America y Panamá, National Museum of Modern Art,
Carlos Mérida, Guatemala City, Guatemala
2001 Navegarte Art Group, Legislative Assembly, San José, Costa Rica.