Born in 1974 in Hunan, he now lives in Beijing.

Notable works

” posterior approach” and ” copying an action in 1958″


2015 Andorran Art Institute Changsha, 2015 Liu Xudong Personal Project
2013  Liu Xudong Personal Works Exhibition Zitong Gallery Beijing
2015  ” Changsha Entertainment Plan-Foot Washing” 2015, Andorran Art Institute Changsha

” The Material of Seventh Ring Metonymy” 7 Spaces in 2015

From 1984 to 2015, Changsha Houhu Art Zone in Brave New World-Highland Art Museum

The 4th ” Promotion Exhibition” Theme Exhibition of Beijing 798 Art Festival 2015: ” New Folk Transformation” 798 Creative Square ” Metal Library”

20153D PLUS Inductive International Art Invitation Exhibition Doujiao Art Museum

” Food & Things” Exhibition 2015 798 Sacred Space Beijing

Rebellion and Nomadic in 2015, Changsha, Hunan Li Art Museum

” No Air, No Art” Contemporary Art Exhibition 2015 Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art