Place of birth: China

Location: Hangzhou, China


brief introduction

Lu Lei is a very new young artist. His artistic creation has always been based on installations. The theme of his works pays less attention to practical problems. His artistic concept has always been in a dynamic state with no fixed method and no definite type. He has created a scene sculpture that is free and ready to respond. In this way, he firmly believes that there is an object behind the object and a world behind the world, but they are not mirror images. It is based on this.  He has always wanted to shape a society from neglected and forgotten materials. In this society, there are always some nerves leading to our living space. These nerves are also our experience. He has redesigned and self-designed these experience objects to create the past ideal and feelings, and the possibility that it points to the future. That is to say, he presents the image of this society in a way of re-creation. Any experience object can reorganize a speech structure through their functions, and any image can also surpass its own meaning through this re-creation.

Notable Works

” Auditorium (Series)”, ” Complex Building”, ” Square”, ” Tower at End”, ” Enlarged Parts in Key Situations”, ” Moments” and ” Dark Clouds”