Bachelor of Arts. Member of Sichuan Artists Association. Associate Professor of Interior Design, Chengdu Base, Shenzhen New Field Vocational Training Center. Many oil paintings were selected for provincial and national art exhibitions, awards and collections. Among them, the oil painting “Village Children” was collected by the Chinese Art Museum, and the oil painting “Music” was nominated by the Guangzhou Art Biennale in 1992. Since 1990, individual oil painting exhibitions and joint exhibitions have been held in Beijing China Art Museum, Chengdu, the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. He has published the Collection of Luo Fahui’s Paintings.


2005 Depth of Desire – Luo Fahui Oil Painting Exhibition Shanghai Art Museum
2004  “Rose 2003-2004” (Karin Weber, Hong Kong, China)
“Rose Garden” (China, Macao Oriental Foundation)
2003 “Mysterious Life” (China, Hong Kong)
2002  “Luo Fahui Rose 2002” (Chengdu Museum of Modern Art)
2001  A Long ThePath: OfBeing'(China, Hong Kong)