Male, oil painter, has been engaged in oil painting work, now living in Beijing. In 2007, “Early Summer” was selected into the 2007 Shanghai Youth Oil Painting Exhibition in China; in 2007, “Girls in Headscarves” was selected into the National Youth Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition and won the Gold Prize for CCTV1 interview; in 2008, Liu Yi founded “Six Fat Studio” to systematically study European classical realistic painting; in 2010, his works “Chongqing, Fog Capital, 29 August 1945” and “Watery in Oman’s Voice” were won. Times Cup National Youth Realistic Oil Painting Exhibition Excellent Award; Works by the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and other art institutions galleries collection.

In 2008, he entered the studio of Mr. Liu Yi, a famous painter in Lujia, to study oil painting. During the years of following Mr. Liu Yi’s study of painting, his artistic concept changed greatly. He adopted Professor Liu Yi’s “Liu Fat Zi’s Oil Painting Techniques” and combined with some basic habits he had formed for a long time, and achieved a very unique painting style. Compared with the rough and heavy feeling of ordinary oil paintings, his oil paintings are exquisite, clear and ethereal. This fresh, aesthetic and extraordinary painting style has won a lot of attention and resonance of collectors in the art circle in recent years.