Born in 1959 in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. In 1981, he graduated from the Department of Architecture, Musashino Art University. After three years of working in architecture, he turned to professional art creation. Qiuyou’s language skills were originally inspired by Viennese fantasy realism and combined the effects of surrealism, photorealism and even the early Renaissance style. Qiuyouyou created the theater of the drama in the picture. His early works used the gaze of photography to describe the disintegration of free fall, parabola, birds and animals, and constructed a continuous and frozen time and space, the evolutionary history of astrophysics. They are also condensed into objects and tracks in the works of the seven households. In the artistic creation of nearly 30 years, he has built a strange scene with the image of young boys and girls and various rare instruments. The human figure, glass eyes rabbit, mechanical display, celestial body, airship and the clock that stays at 12 o’clock forever have no penetration. The silence that is within reach is set off in the quiet space created by the seven households.

Notable Works

About Friendship, Weight of the Night, Venus