Born in Shanghai in 1941; 1956 was admitted to the middle school affiliated to the Central Academy of Fine Arts East China Branch; 1966 Graduated from Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts; In 1977, he taught at the Shanghai Fine Arts School; 1986 Studying at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Arts; 1996 Professor of the School of Fine Arts, Shanghai University; 1999 was elected as the vice chairman of the Shanghai Artists Association; 2000, served as academic member of the Shanghai Biennale; 2000 Become a special artist of Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute.

Notable Works

Peaceful Lake, Sunny Day Cloud, Note of Landscape No.1, Sound of River, Hidden Temple in Cliff,Spring Flows Over the Bridge


2019 “Image Jiangnan” celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China
2018 “Astrology · Five Years” Ink and Present Research Exhibition”One Flat” Shanghai Paper Art Exhibition”Paper の Story” 2018 Shanghai Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition
2017 “Beautiful Homeland” is also the 7th Maritime Artists Exhibition”Distributed” Wang Yiyin’s solo exhibition Shanghai
2016 “Custom” group exhibition Shanghai”Cloud-to-cloud grace” Wang Yiyin’s solo exhibition Shanghai