A native of Ya ‘an, Sichuan.

In July 2011, he graduated from the sculpture department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with honors as an outstanding graduate. His work “Death to Heaven” won an outstanding Love Trip Prize. In the same year, the work was shortlisted for the “Ceng Zhushao Scholarship” Datong National Annual Exhibition.  Datong, Shanxi.

From 2011 to July 2013, he was employed as a decorative sculpture studio of the Department of Supporting Education and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Arts and Crafts.

In July 2013, the “Art and Drawing Creative Design Studio” was established, specializing in the original design and production of Jin Sinan wood carvings.

Notable works

“Flower Pot Series No.1”, “Fruit Pot Series No.2” Quiet Night in Lotus Pond “,”Hà Thu “,”Ugly Pot Series “and” Tea Table Series No.2 “