Xu Wentao was born in Wuhan in 1968 and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 with a master’s degree.

Notable Works

Body Landscape


2009 The Trend of Two Lakes – Hunan Contemporary Art Exhibition in Hubei Province Guangdong Art Museum
2008 Urban Syndrome, Toronto Museum of Art

Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting 2008 Wuhan Art Museum

“2008 Sino-Italian Cultural Exchange Exhibition” Italian Gerdona City Hall

2007 Resonance – 2007 Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting. Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Museum, Shenzhen Museum of Art

China International Gallery Expo 2007 Beijing International Trade Center

Wuhan! Wuhan! 2007 Wuhan Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition. Nanjing Sifang Contemporary Art Museum

2006 A Point of Time in Wuhan Art Documentation Center

China International Gallery Expo 2006 Beijing International Trade Center

Art Beijing Beijing Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall

The First Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art in New Power China

2007 (New Power China) Artist Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai Museum of Art

2005 KIAF 2005 Korea International Art Fair Seoul, Korea

“String-First Group of Red Gate Galleries Chinese Visiting Artists Five Exhibition” Beijing Red Gate Gallery

China International Gallery Expo 2005 Beijing International Trade Center

Conceptual Art: Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Paintings Shenzhen Art Museum and Macau Tashi

Art Beijing Beijing Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall

2004 “2004 China Gallery Promotion Exhibition and International Gallery Invitation Exhibition” Beijing National Museum

2004 Nominated Exhibition of Fine Arts Documents Hubei Art Museum

“Slow-Contemporary Art Exhibition” Hubei Art Documentation Center

Plug and Play – Contemporary Art Exhibition, Baizanting Community, Wuhan Chinese Image Painting Beijing Seasonal Gallery

2003 “Image of Images – Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting” Shenzhen Museum of Art

“Female Image Art Exhibition” Hong Kong Schoeni Gallery

The Third China Oil Painting Exhibition Beijing China Art Museum

“Personality Power – Emergency Art Exhibition” Shanghai Guangzhou Convention Exhibition Center

Madrid Contemporary Art Fair 2003, Madrid, Spain

2002 Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

Out of Lost Exhibition, Beijing Century Handwriting Gallery

Chengdu Biennial Exhibition, Beijing Siheyuan Gallery

2001 Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art
2000 Interface. 5 Painting Exhibition, New Home Work in Beijing