Born in Shenyang in 1979

He graduated from the affiliated high school of Lu Xun Academy of fine arts in 2001.

Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, majoring in multimedia in the Visual Communication Design Department.

Currently working in Beijing

Notable Works

” Powder”, ” Red Ribbon”, ” Tough Hidden Part”, ” Wandering Soul of Society”, ” In Dream”, ” Old Land Worthless to Stay”, ” Hard Floating” and ” Broken Land”


2007 North Shinkansen, Red Star Gallery, Beijing, China
2006 Looking up to see Xi, Contemporary Art Case Show, Hangzhou, China
The first exhibition of the only generation, Masderby Contemporary Art Center, Beijing, China
Move-Hua Qing, Huang Min, Youjin Oil Painting Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Feng Shui, Jiujiantang Art Activities (China, Shanghai/Shanghai Zhengda Villa)
The First 5× 7 ” (Pingyao) Photography Biennale, Pingyao Ancient City, Shanxi; TS1 Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
Regeneration, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Haikou Museum of Contemporary Art, Haikou, China
Two Thousand Degrees, New College Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Jurongxuan Art Center, Shanghai, China
Broad Cup, Third Beijing Biennale Alternative Qualification Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China
2005 Scratch, Confusion-China Singapore Digital Image Art Exchange Exhibition, Shenyang, Beijing, China
The Second Triennial Exhibition of Chinese Art in Future Archaeology, Nanjing, China
Video Coke, Changchun, China
The pleasure of manufacture, Beijing, China. The 15th Brazilian International Electronic Art Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2004 The 21st World Video Arts Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The 3rd ” Crossing China” International Video Art
Festival, Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, China
2003 China art group exhibition, Paris, France