Zeng Yue, male. Born in December 1967, Chongqing people. He graduated from the Department of Sculpture, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1992 and stayed at the same year to teach. He is currently Deputy Director and associate professor of the Department of Sculpture. Member of China Artists Association, member of Arts Committee of National Urban Sculpture Committee, Standing Committee of Sculpture Arts Committee of Chinese Arts and Crafts Artists Association, Director of Chinese Sculpture Society and Sculptor of Youth Sculpture Creation Center of Chinese Academy of Arts. Director of the Sculpture Arts Committee of Chongqing Academy of Painting. Artists in collaboration with Art Review Network.

Notable Works

News of Spring, Dialogue, Dinner, Silent Food


2014 The sculpture “Summer” was selected for the “Collection” sculpture Invitation Exhibition (Chongqing Literary Union, Chongqing Artists Association).
The sculpture work “Travel of Nations and Wind” was selected as “The Second Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennial Exhibition in 2014 – Contemporary
Chinese Youth Sculpture Exhibition” (Suzhou) (China Sculpture Institute).The sculpture “Travel of Countries and Mountains” was selected as the “echo” of Chongqing Fine Arts for 60 years (Chongqing Academy of Painting).
Sculpture works “Spring News”, “Dialogue” and “Banquet” took part in “Blue Platform” (Qingdao Sculpture Institute).
2013 “Spiritual Dialogue – Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Sculpture Works” (China Sculpture Research Institute, European Union Cultural Research Center) was selected as the sculpture work “Travel of Countries and Mountains”.
The work “Food in Silence” was selected for the “Extension” 2013 China Datong International Sculpture Biennale. Parallel Exhibition. The work “Cloud End” was selected in the “CCTV Sculpture Competition”. The work “Chirp” was selected in the “International Sculpture Competition of the 2014 Qingdao World Park Expo” and won an excellent award.
2012 The sculpture “Melody of Spring” was selected as “Nanjing International Sports Sculpture Exhibition” (China Sculpture Institute).
The sculpture “creak” was selected as “the first contemporary abstract sculpture exhibition of China” (Xi’an) (the Sculpture Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Arts and Crafts).
The sculpture “Travel of Countries and Mountains” participated in “Contemporary Sculpture – Exhibition of Works of Contemporary Chinese Sculptors” (Qingdao) (China Sculpture Institute).
The sculpture “Bamboo Forest Seven Virtues” was sent to Beijing to participate in the national “Chinese Civilization and History Theme Creation
2011 Celebrity Sculptors in Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and the 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution” (Beijing)
The sculpture “Casting Swords for Ploughs” won the Excellent Award of the First China International Peace Theme Sculpture Design Competition (Beijing)
The sculpture “Mountains Traveling among Countries” was selected as “The Third International Sculpture Congress’s Invitational Exhibition of Sculpture by Members of the City Sculpture Arts Committee” (Changchun) “Blue Symphony China Nandaihe International Sculpture Exhibition” (Qinhuangdao)
“International Sculpture Invitation Exhibition 2011” (Seoul, Korea)
The sculpture “Summer of Water and Wood” was selected for the International Sculpture Exhibition of “100th Anniversary of Tsinghua University” (Beijing)