Born in Hefei, Anhui Province, in 1976, he studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts of Capital Normal University and obtained a master’s degree. Now working and living in Beijing. In 2018, a solo exhibition Memory was held at 798 Art Warehouse in Beijing. In 2017, he won the Gold Prize of Painting at Florence International Art Biennale. In August 2018, as a finalist artist of the “3rd King’s Profile Award”, he participated in the “2018 3rd King’s Profile Award and Nominated Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Young Artists” held in today’s Art Museum.
Zhang Chunhua always adheres to the medium of painting on the shelf. Painting is a kind of freedom of expression which seeks the maximum. “In fact, I think it’s normal not to sell paintings because it’s my choice. Art is facing the things in my heart.” In the choice of painting language, he strives to be simple and direct, so that the viewer does not focus on the elements of the picture which have nothing to do with expression. At the same time, he can feel and think about the “thing” from the texture of the picture and the traces of repeated alterations.