Born in 1958 in Kunming, Yunnan Province, he was admitted to the Oil Painting Department of sichuan fine arts institute in 1977. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1982 and was employed in distinguished professor, sichuan fine arts institute in 2007.  Now I work and live in Beijing, China.  In the early 1990s, under the influence of western modernist painting, he began to use photo materials for creative exploration. He used the style of modern Chinese popular art to express the facial makeup portrait of the revolutionary era, ” blood-family” series.  This series of works conveys the collective psychological memory and emotion with the significance of the times, and represents and simulates the typical representation and re-interpretation of society, the collective, the family and the blood relationship.  In 1994, the ” Big Family” series was selected in the 46th Venice Biennale and received attention from the international art field. Zhang Xiaogang has gradually become a leading figure in Chinese contemporary art and has repeatedly set a high historical price for Chinese art in the art auction market.  However, as an artist, Zhang Xiaogang pays more attention to his artistic creation. In addition to the well-known ” big family” series, he has also successively created ” amnesia and memory” series, ” inside and outside” series, ” green wall” series, mirror series, painting and sculpture series, etc., and has held individual exhibitions in various art galleries at home and abroad.  Zhang Xiaogang has been exploring the road of artistic creation, which critics describe as ” a real Chinese artist working in a studio!”

Notable Works

” big family (series: big family)”, ” no 1 (series: inside and outside)”, ” no 1 (series: green wall)”, ” No.21 (series: amnesia and memory),” no 1 (series: Tiananmen square), ” four sisters (series: consanguinity)”, ” no 1 (series: heroic children)”, ” certificate” and ” boy” etc. 


Solo Exhibitions

2009 ” Historical Records” Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China
2006 Oil Painting Beijing Commune Gallery Home-Zhang Xiaogang

Japan, Tokyo, Tokyo Art Center, Zhang Xiaogang Exhibition

South Korea, Seoul, ARTSIDE gallery ” amnesia and memory”

2005 Max Protetch gallery, new york
2004 Hong Kong Art Center ” The Umbilical Cord of the Times-Zhang Xiaogang Painting”
2003 French Gallery in Paris ” Memory Loss and Memory”
2000 new york Max Protetch Gallery ” Zhang Xiaogang 2000″
1999  Paris France Gallery ” Comrades”
1998  Han Yaxuan Gallery, Taipei ” Blood Relationship: Big Family 1998″
1997  Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery Blood Relationship: Big Family 1997
1989  Collection of Dreams from sichuan fine arts institute Exhibition Hall

Group Exhibitions

2003 Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia National Gallery ” Art from China”
2002  Enrico Navarra Gallery, France and Paris, ” 14 Chinese Artists/Made in China”
2001 ” It’s me, it’s us” by French Gallery in France and Paris
2000 China and Chengdu Modern Art Museum, ” The Gate of the Century-Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Art”
1999 LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA ” 1999, Chinese Contemporary Art”
1998 Art Museum of Finland and Helsinki ” New Art of China”
1997 Czech and Prague Art Museums ” Faces and Bodies from China-Chinese New Art”
1996 Germany, Bonn Museum of Contemporary Art ” China!”
1995  Italy, 46th Venice Biennale
1994  Brazil, 22nd Sao Paulo Biennale Won Bronze Award
1992 China and Guangzhou ” 1990s Chinese Art” Biennale ” Won Excellence Award