Date of birth: April 1974

Place of birth: Hunan

He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1997.

Since 1997, he has devoted himself to experimental art creation in Beijing.

Notable Works

Dust (Series), Reading, etc.


2015 Dust-Top Grade Art in Zhang Zhenyu Solo Exhibition
2014 France Resides in Creation, Open Studio Exhibition/La Non-Maison Microcentre D ‘Art/AIX-en-Provence
World Concrete/100,000 Space First Exhibition, Beijing Grassland
Eyes on China’s New Paintings in the Post-Financial Crisis Era/Beijing Poly Art Museum
Random exhibitions-an era when the whole cannot be grasped/Beijing Shangshe Space/Beijing 798 (8.16)
Hunan Contemporary Art Ecology (Opening Exhibition of Hunan Forward Art Center)/Changsha, Hunan
Climate-2014 Young Artists Research Exhibition/Wuhan Art Museum
Outside the Three Boundaries-Absoluteness of Concept/Beijing No.1 District 5 Art Center (8.17)
Paris Art Fair/Grand Palace of Paris, France (3.27)
Superimage-Trace and Linearity/Beijing 798 Sacred Space (3.8)
A Life-Out of Experience Zone/Beijing 798 Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary Art (3.15)
2013 Changes-Hunan Youth Art Nomination Exhibition/Hunan Oil Painting Association
@me visibility/shijiazhuang art museum
” Shuffle” Second Round/Austria
The 55th Venice Biennale Parallel Exhibition-Unpresented Voices/Venice, Italy
2012 Zhang Zhenyu Works Exhibition/Beijing Zitong Gallery
Paper. Supremacy/Beijing Jiulou Art Museum
Slow Living: A Kind of Contemporary Art/Beijing ” Li” Space
Attitude-Related to Abstract Art/Shanghai Suzhou River Art Center
@me/ Beijing 798 hong kong museum of contemporary art
2011 Ci Field-Poetry Program/Shenzhen Hua Art Museum
Annual Invitational Exhibition of Suzhou Art Museum/Suzhou Art Museum
Optional Movement/Beijing ” Li” Space
2010 Young Xiang Jun/Shangshang Art Museum
The 6th Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival/Beijing Songzhuang
Freedom of Reading/Shanghai Kunyi Gallery
Wen Yu Wen Zi Yu/Beijing 798 Ying Art Center
Fresh/Beijing 798 Outstanding Art
2009 From Readings of Finished Products/Beijing 798 Still Sees Art Space
The Trend of Two Lakes/Guangdong Art Museum
Reading and Anti-reading/Hong Kong Hanyaxuan Gallery
Speechless/Beijing ” Ren” Art Center
China Context Chongqing Post Station/Chongqing 501 Contemporary Art Museum
2008 Sino-German Art Exchange Exhibition/Berlin, Germany
Next to Happiness/In the Art of Beijing Songzhuang Xiaobao Post Station
Media Scenery/Art Space in Beijing
Back court/space elsewhere in Beijing
Self-transcendence/Beijing ” Wall” Art Museum
2007 Blank Exhibition (Invitational Exhibition of 34 Chinese and Foreign Artists/Shanghai Ke Contemporary Art Center
2006 Praise Our Beautiful Life (Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival)/Beijing Songzhuang
The 4th Hunan Contemporary Art Exhibition/Changsha, Hunan
Opening Exhibition of ” C5Art” West Fifth Art Center/West Fifth Art Center of ” C5ART”
2003 National Youth Art Exhibition/Today Art Museum
Personal Exhibition/Beijing Millennium Gallery
1999 “Runaway and Anti-Enchantment”/Beijing Dongxin Store Beijing Busy Bee Bar