Zhu Shangxi was born in December 1954 in Da County, Sichuan Province. He is good at sculpture.  In 1982, he graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts majoring in decorative sculpture.  Working in Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts;  1991 Master’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts;  After graduating from graduate school, he worked in the laboratory of Beijing architectural art sculpture factory.  His works Taurus and Companion participated in the National Exhibition of Urban Sculpture Design Scheme, Huaxia Lux participated in the Chinese Sports Art Exhibition, lacquer painting Exchange participated in the Chinese Painting Exhibition, and Xu Honggang participated in the 8th National Art Exhibition.

Notable Works

 Taurus, Companion, Huaxia Lishi, Xu Honggang and the Cutest Person