“Pure View”was established in 2017 as an annual art charity project.

This year’s Pure View will take place in Kalibo, Philippines, from August 1 to August 12, 2024.”

“Pure View”meet the Philippines’ Montfort

This year, “Pure View” driven by the Neugen Charity Foundation in Singapore will meet with the Montfort Technical Institute in the Philippines. Established in 1999, Montfort is a school that provides education to the underprivileged. Besides basic courses, Montfort offers government-certified technical and vocational education and training programs covering preschool, primary, and secondary education. It serves over 2,000 local impoverished students from kindergarten to high school.

“Pure View” Course for 2024:

01.08: Arrival in the Philippines (Manila gathering point).

02.08: Gathering at the school, where volunteers and local students will introduce themselves to each other. They will engage in one-on-one interactions, documenting and painting portraits of one another.

03.08 : Sketching by the river.

04.08: Sketching street scenes.

05.08: Sketching on a boat.

06.08: Making Filipino shadow puppets.

07.08: Visiting philippine artists.

08.08: Opening of the exhibition in the Philippines.

09.08, Departure for Singapore

10.08, Exhibition setup in Singapore

11.08, Exhibition opening in Singapore

12.08, Return

The purpose of “Pure View”:

• Let art serve as a bridge, enabling children in rural villages and young volunteers from metropolis to discover a different world through children’s pure view and see a better version of themselves.

• Inspire and cultivate children’s observational skills, teach them to uncover the beauty around daily life in the village that might have been overlooked, promote folk and traditional cultures, strengthen their expression and presentation abilities, attract the attention of more knowledgeable individuals to develop the villages, and reduce the number of left-behind children.

• Organize exhibitions for the children, broaden their horizons, inspire their creativity, boost their self-confidence, and make every child feel loved and cared for. The art exhibition not only acknowledges the children’s efforts but also encourage them to strive for improvement.

• Establish more connections between children and others and with nature, reducing feelings of loneliness, stress, and excessive modern entertainment. This way children can reflect on themselves while helping others and contribute to making the world a better place.

Requirements for Junior Volunteers

  • Caring and loving
  • Self-sufficient, not afraid of hardship
  • Team spirit
  • Passion for art
  • Love of nature
  • Good physical condition, free of mental or physical illness
  • Accept responsibility for cleaning dormitories or local villagers’ homes as per school arrangements
  • Capable of helping others

Tasks for Junior Volunteers:

  • Provide care and build self-confidence for local students
  • Observe carefully and sincerely draw people, landscapes, and feelings
  • Share experiences with local primary school students, opening a window to the world
  • Learn about and disseminate local culture
  • Find ways to help and bring about change

Requirements for Senior Volunteers

  • Logistics
  • Filming
  • Teaching support
  • Assist junior volunteers
  • Team spirit
  • Responsible for daily meals as per school arrangements
  • Manage necessary medicines for junior volunteers
  • Assist teachers with daily tasks
  • Be responsible for personal safety and health during the project. Address local issues promptly with teachers, contribute to volunteer team visits and documentation concerning the safety of left-behind children.

Pure View® is a long-term art public welfare project using art as a bridge, a 1+1=1 initiative for mutual assistance and learning.

Pure View meet Da Ga Ji village( Yun Nan)

Pure View meet Qi Tai village(Xin Jiang)

Pure View meet Miao Zhai(Xiang Xi)

Pure View meet Da Ga Ji village( Yun Nan)

Children’s Valuable Field Investigation Records

Pure View meet Da Ga Ji village( Yun Nan)

Daily Sketches and Artwork

Pure View meet Qi Tai village(Xin Jiang)

Daily Sketches and Artwork

Pure View meet Miao Zhai(Xiang Xi)

Daily Sketches and Artwork

Participants’  comments:

Pure View® Exhibitions

Pure View meet Da Ga Ji village( Yun Nan)

Pure View meet Miao Zhai(Xiang Xi)

Pure View meet Qi Tai village(Xin Jiang)

Certificate for public service and exhibition

The founders of “Pure View”

Dr. Jie Li Elbrächter

Artist, Curator, Ph.D. in Art Anthropology, Philanthropist, Founder of “Pure View”, and mother of three children.
Studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Münster Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland, Central Saint Martins in the UK, and Fudan University.
Has conducted field painting and investigations in remote areas multiple times yearly since adolescence, trekked Tibet, crossed India with her first child at five months old, and subsequently taken her children on exploratory, aid, and teaching missions worldwide each year.


Letian, Lu’An, and Luna Elbrächter

Co-founders of the “Pure View” , who have followed their mother to various developing countries and regions worldwide for over a decade, funding local schools and impoverished families, sharing knowledge, and building friendships with local children.

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