「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」Ancient Xin Jiang First Impression

The first painting in Xin Jiang,childish but serious……

「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」My Vision of You

We want to encourage kids to discover the beauty of the nature around them, inspire their ability to explore and observe.

「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」Flowing Scenery in the Purest Eyes

Life is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery


「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」What’s your dream as a kid?

You want to be brave. We will follow our dream to catch destiny.

「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」’My Story’ in Xinjiang Qitai Tatar Primary School

Those were the days hard work forever pays. Now I see you in a better place

「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」The closest is actually farthest

Act like sunflowers, heading to the sun, looking up, always be ready to discover the beauty of life.

「Pure View®️Qi Tai Village」Meet in Qi Tai

Art puts wings on us and helps us to fly farther.