Yiling now lives in Beijing and is a professional painter. Born in Shanghai in 1961, he bicycled around the country at his own expense in 1983 to photograph, sketch and inspect folk art. In 1987, China International Audiovisual Arts Company took office. In 1989, he participated in the Beijing Tixiang Art Museum Exhibition and settled in Beijing in 1990. He was a professional painter.

Representative work

Tree Man School”, “Empire State Building”, “New Youth”, “Contemporary Art”, “Glamorous” and “Big House Gate”


1991 Participation in Beijing Museum of Art Exhibition
1994 Personal Tour Exhibition Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, France

Open-air frescoes exhibition at Maastrich International Airport, Netherlands

1995 The Joint Exhibition of Yuanmingyuan Painters Gallery of Nanjing Academy of Art
1998 Participation in the “Mondrian in China” Beijing International Art Court – Shanghai Library – Guangdong Art Museum Tour Exhibition
Individual Exhibition at Swiss Embassy Cultural Office, Swiss Hotel
1999 Participation in Beijing International Art Exhibition 2000-1
2000 Individual exhibition of studios in Hammanda, Singapore

Guangzhou Pen Group Art Gallery Individual Exhibition

2001 Spiritual Landscape Art Exhibition, Donghuan Square, Beijing
2003  Rosary and Pen Tokyo Gallery