Born in 1972 in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

1994-1998 Undergraduate of Mural Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts

2001-2002 Senior Seminar of Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts

2003-2007 Doctor of Modeling Oil Painting from Central Academy of Fine Arts

He won the first prize of the Matsuoka Family Art Fund in Japan in 1998.

He is currently teaching in the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Notable works

” Lin Zhong Lu”

Rain Mountain 1

Watching the Rain

” Net Domain”


2015 China Color ,asia art center, Beijing, China

Ye Jianqing’s Personal Works Exhibition, Tokyo Gallery BTAP, Beijing, China

New Haziness Tour Exhibition (Guangzhou Station), Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China

Imaginary and Thin Scenery-Painting: Landscape and Scenery, Ming Yuan Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2013 Ye Jianqing’s Personal Works Exhibition, Hubert Konrad Gallery, Paris, France
2012 Datong International Mural Biennale, China Datong and Yang Art Museum, Datong, China

The Mirror of the Mind 2010, China Art Museum, Beijing, China

Ye Jianqing’s recent work in 2009, Singapore’s Who’s the Sage Gallery, Singapore

2008 Sino-German Artists Joint Exhibition, Sino-German Cultural Exchange Center
2004  Landscape Poems, Singapore’s Who Knows First Gallery, Singapore
2001 Entering Northwest China, China Art Museum, Beijing