Born in 1962 in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province

He studied in the Fine Arts Department of Hebei Normal University in 1985, but he is actually of Hunan nationality.

Notable works

Kidnapping (Series), Skin (Series), Handling, Memory (Series), Blue Sky and White Clouds, Maze (Series), Looking for Art, etc


2011  Yue Minjun: Road, Pace, beijing beijing, China, 2011

The Archaeological Discoveries of A.D. 3009 in 2009-Individual Exhibition of Yue Minjun

2007  Yue Minjun: A Symbolic Smile” Quince Art Museum new york USA

” Yue Minjun: I Love Laughter” Asian Association new york USA

2006  ” Yue Minjun: Processing Series” Enrico Navarra Gallery Paris France
2005 ” Post-Orotique Self-Portrait-Yue Minjun” CP Foundation Jakarta Indonesia
2004 ” Yue Minjun: Sculpture and Oil Painting Exhibition” Shaoli Gallery Hong Kong
2003 ” Yue Minjun Works Exhibition” Mailer Gallery Swiss” Yue Minjun: Irony of Beijing” Prüss & Ochs Gallery Berlin Germany