US-based oil painter, stage show director.

Studied stage art design and painting at the Shanghai Opera House and Nanjing Art College.

In 1993, the Shanghai Art Museum hosted the “Chen Junyi Personal Oil Painting Exhibition” and exhibited 108 works of Chen Junyi.


In 1998, his literary artistic achievement was reported in the book- Close-up of Chinese-American elite, in the United State. His work was selected as “World Famous Chinese Artists Paintings” and displayed in the Chinese American celebrity yearbook.


In 2005, he was employed as a senior consultant of the Oriental Art Exchange Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University.


In 2007 and 2015, he planned and directed the large-scale song and dance show “Passion Night Shanghai”, integrated abstract oil painting art and song and dance art on the stage, performed at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.


Book; [Alluring Night the Life of an Abstractionist Artist Chen Junyi]