Word honing. Born in Mianyang in 82, now lives in Chengdu. Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, taught by Guo Ruyu, Ye Ruikun and others. He is currently a special artist of the Oriental Painting Academy, a member of the Chengdu Fine Brush Painting Association, a member of the Chinese Painting Society, and a deputy secretary-general of the Art Teaching, Research and Creation Research Association of Sichuan Art Association Middle School. He teaches in Chengdu Vocational College of Art. While inheriting the tradition, the works incorporate various techniques and forms of expression, which are full of contemporary sense. Bright colour, elegant composition. It is loved by Tibetans at home and abroad.


2014 “Red Series-Peony” First Chengdu Chinese Painting Competition Gold Prize

Ill Plum Picture Works Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting for 30 Years

2013 The Fifth and Sixth National Contemporary Famous Flower and Bird Painters Works Exhibition Excellent Award

“Red” Chengdu Fine Brushwork Exhibition Excellent Award

2012 The Selected Works of Modern Sichuan Painting and Calligraphy Artists in Years were selected as “My Favorite Painting and Calligraphy Works”