Fan Lei (1974 —), with the word Fu Yan.  People from Linyi, Shandong.  Currently, he is the planning director of Shandong News and Painting Institute of Volkswagen Daily and the deputy general manager of Shandong News Art Museum.  Director of Shandong Artists Association;  Vice Chairman of Shandong News Artists Association;  He is a researcher at the Institute of Arts of Shandong Academy of Arts and a member of the chairman group of the Academy’s Zisha Carving and Painting Research Association.  Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Young Artists Association and Senior Artist of Shandong Youth Painting Academy.  He successively studied in the fine arts department of Shandong institute of light industry and received a bachelor of arts degree.  Shandong Institute of Arts, School of Fine Arts, majoring in Chinese painting, received a master’s degree in art.  He has published poetry and paintings collection ” Light Shade Tea Language” and works collection ” Drops of Water and Remaining Ink”. His works have been collected by Shandong Provincial Museum, Ju Zhou Museum, Jinan Art Museum, etc. and incorporated into various large-scale picture albums.

Notable works

“Flower and Bird Silk Fan”, “Le farfalle Heart Sutra”, “Spirit Stone Map” and “Goose”