Fang Shaohua, a native of Shashi, Hubei.  Good at oil painting.  He graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor of arts degree in oil painting in 1983.  He once taught in Shashi Arts and Crafts School and Oil Painting Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, and was a lecturer.  The work ” White Cloud” won the Outstanding Works Award of the 6th National Art Exhibition, ” Peacock Garden” was selected for the 1st National Oil Painting Exhibition, and ” Balanced Beach” and ” Paper Folding Boat” were exhibited in the China Art Museum.  Currently, he is director of the Fine Arts Institute of South China Normal University, director of the Chinese Oil Painting Society, member of the Chinese Artists Association and member of the Oil Painting Art Committee of the Guangdong Artists Association.

Notable works

” Don’t let the Three Goddesses of Wisdom catch a cold”, ” No Tiger in Rain II”, ” Young Girl”, ” Lying Woman”, ” Studio”, ” Female Body”