Fu Qiang (Fu Qiang), who is also a member of the Chinese Artists Association (Taiwan) and the judges of the 1997 Han Mo Contest, is now a professional painter who specializes in painting flowers, birds and landscape paintings.  He studied in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996 and was instructed by famous Beijing artists for three years. He learned the techniques of famous Chinese artists in modern times and was engaged in calligraphy and painting creation and theoretical research. His works are often in the form of ink and wash paintings with ” poetry, calligraphy, painting and printing” in one body. His clear and elegant writing is sketchy but his spirit floats, while his heavy and thick writing is full of color and luster.  His works have been selected into such large stacks as ” Selected Works of 96 Chinese Contemporary Calligraphy”, ” A Treasure of Calligraphy and Painting by Calligraphy Artists Across the Century” and ” Selected Works of Famous Chinese Masters”.  In 1997, he was awarded the ” trans-century artistic talents” certificate jointly issued by the Ministry of Social Education of china national radio, the China Federation of Literature and Art Publishers, the Artists Division Committee of the China Talent Research Association, the China Federation of Overseas Chinese magazine ” Hainei and Overseas” and other departments, and his works were exhibited in the China Art Museum.  In 2001, it was the first domestic computer-based freehand Chinese painting CD-ROM album ” Like a Fish in Water”, ” Attracting Bees to Lead Butterflies”, ” Sleeping Flowers”, ” Strange Birds and Fruit” and ” Lingshan Xiushui” to be distributed and exhibited in Taiwan, Japan and other places.


Notable works

” Auspicious and Prosperous Mirror Heart”, ” Four Screens of Flower and Bird Painting”, ” Funiu Mountain Tour”, ” Chunhui Map”, ” He Shou Map” and ” Peacock Map”