The modern artist, curator, and executive director of the Museum of Art, worked and lived in Lanzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. He studied at Peking University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics.


2017 City Network – Kang Wenfeng Solo Exhibition, Beijing

China Contemporary Ink Forum Exhibition

2016 Chinese contemporary curator invites exhibition “Seeking for the New Ink Art Exhibition” Art Xiamen

Art Nanjing Kang Wenfeng New Ink Art Exhibition, won the “Arts Nanjing Most Popular Artists” Award

Drifting of Civilizations – Special Artists of Fuzhou Yipai Art Exhibition

2015 Yanhuang Art Museum’s ancient CYAP ink selection exhibition

Times Art Museum “New – 2015 International Youth Art Exhibition”

Li Keran Painting Institute “College – 2015· Youth Ink Exhibition”