Born in 1982 in Shandong

He graduated from the Chinese Painting Institute of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004.  In the years since graduation, the academy has been in a lost state. this ” hidden” and ” dried up” mood pervades the works. the state of fugue is secretive, fragile and rambling. it is willing to slowly show a quiet mood other than impetuous world style on the silk.  The artist hides this emotion in his works, looking for some kind of excess outside the world.

Happiness is better than fullness. It is quiet rather than moving. It is passive rather than active.  Even fortunately, it was the artist’s ” inexperience” that prevented me from drifting with the tide … and always stuck to my lost state … because I firmly believed that there were always a few people willing to stare at my heart instantly and wander away from inner senses outside the real world.  Now I live and work in Beijing.

Notable Works

 ” one-half wood NO.2″, ” princess”, ” bamboo frame”, ” one-half wandering frame”, ” one-half mirror heart”