Born in January 1975 in Poyang, Jiangxi Province.  He took part in the work in June 1997, joined the China Association for the Promotion of Democracy in June 2005, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Jiangxi Normal University, majoring in art education, and received a master’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts.  Jingdezhen city, the 11th CPPCC member, vice chairman of the 7th CPPCC Zhushan district.  Director of Jingdezhen Artists Association, Vice Chairman of Zhushan Artists Association, Vice President and Professor of Jiangxi Ceramic Arts and Crafts Vocational and Technical College, and Senior Crafts Artist of Jiangxi Province.  He is a member of Jiangxi Artists Association, a senior member of China Arts and Crafts Association and vice president of Kaiming Painting Institute.  Jiangxi ” 1 Million Project Candidates” Winner, Jiangxi Youth May 4th Medal Winner, Jiangxi Youth Post Expert, Top Ten Outstanding Youth of Porcelain Capital.

He studied the creation of high-temperature colored glaze figure painting with his father, Professor Li Jusheng, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, and received strict modeling training in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has developed good modeling ability and basic skills in painting, and has rich artistic and cultural accomplishment both at home and abroad.  Actively exploring in the ceramic field, combining modern language forms with colorful colored glaze, has injected passion and vitality into figure painting, forming a free and easy brushwork, Mo Yun dripping wet, poetic, fresh and meaningful style.

Notable Works

 Neighbour’s Window· Sweet Neighbor Window Sweet Blow-Up Nail House Enlarge Nail House Blow-Up·Candle Houses Enlarge Candle House