Born in 1983 in Qinghai, he now lives and works in Beijing.

Notable Workd

” Red Sun-13″, ” Feathers”, ” Punishment of Pride 03″, ” Punishment of Pride 01″, ” Punishment of Pride 02″ and ” Punishment of Pride 04″



2015 A round of red sun, top grade art post, Beijing;

Big Wolf Walking Day, Zhixian Gallery, Beijing;

Storytelling-Jiangyuan Oral Map, Sesame Space, Beijing;

Punishment of pride, Aiyo Space, beijing;

2013 Yu Shihe, A4 Contemporary Art Center, Chengdu;
2012 19,1 We said there was room, so there was room, Beijing;
2011 We all have the same background, vitamin art space, Beijing;
2010 Shazi, Iberian Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing;