Born in Tianjin, graduated from Tianjin Arts and Crafts School in 1981, graduated from the Department of Folk Arts of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1987, and graduated from the Department of Chinese Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 with a master’s degree. Currently, he is an associate professor and master’s tutor of the Department of Chinese Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, distinguished professor of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and a researcher of the China National Academy of Fine Arts.  The works have participated in the second national art exhibition, the first national Chinese art exhibition, the eighth national art exhibition, the ninth national art exhibition, the centennial Chinese painting exhibition, the works of contemporary Chinese writers exhibition, the third Shenzhen international ink painting biennale and other large-scale exhibitions, and the works have traveled to the United States, Germany, Australia, south Korea, France, Malaysia, Spain and other countries and hong kong and Taiwan regions to participate in international exhibitions.  He has held solo exhibitions in many regions at home and abroad, and has published works or individual monographs such as ” Famous Artists Talk about Creation”, ” Interview Record of Famous Artists” and ” Excellent Collection of Chinese Famous Artists-Liu Qinghe”.  His works have been collected by the Chinese Painting Research Institute, art galleries and Australian embassies.

Notable Works

” Four of Lishui in 2004″, ” Four of Lishui”, ” Village Girl Map”, ” Cool Wind” and ” Mirror Heart of Summer Cool Map”, “Rest Mirror Heart”