Oh Chai Hoo is a local artist who works extensively with various medium. He started his artistic creations at the age of 14, and holding his first group exhibition at 15 with respected artists like Chen Wen Hsi and others. His mastery of the brush is as admired as his fearless experimentation with the medium. However, despite all experimentations, he remains committed to the use of ink. He believes in the honesty and truthfulness of working with the medium. Unlike other types of paint, ink is temporary, instant, honest and sincere. The moment the brush is laid on the paper surface, the strokes are irreversible, and every trace of movement is captured by the ink, leaving no chance for correction. The honesty and sincerity of the medium captures everything about the artist – the mood and personality, as well as the familiarity and mastery of the artist in his use of the medium.

His recent works feature his unique method of using self-ground pigments on rice paper to create images inspired by Zen Buddhism and nature. His works are a reflection of both the physical and the spiritual. The series of rocks created for his solo exhibition, 《物换星移》Lifetime of Change entails the artist’s fondness for nature, in particular the natural formation of rock structures. As he is inspired by the natural accumulation of sediments in the formation of rocks over time, his rocks highlight the beauty of the imperfections of rock forms. In the artist’s own words, he asserts that “我的石头都会说话的。(All my rocks speak for themselves.)” Each of his works tells its own story.

Oh graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1982 and is a full time artist who is actively involved in the local arts scene. He is also a member of various arts groups including the Singapore Sculpture Society and Nanyang Clay Group, and has had various solo and group exhibitions. He has exhibited in Singapore, Taiwan, China, U.K., Korea and Japan, and has won prestigious awards including the Highly Commendable Award for Abstract Medium in the 18th UOB Painting Competition, Singapore.