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Born in Hengyang, Hunan in 1980.  Graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, he is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a representative of the 8th National Congress of the Chinese Artists Association, and a member of the Hunan Oil Painting Society.  He has held solo exhibitions such as “New Landscape-Burns Oil Painting Exhibition” (China Art Museum), “Scenery and Burns Art Exhibition” (Beijing Art Institute Art Museum), “Different world in Flow” (Peking University Sackler Archaeological and Art Museum), “Burns Oil Painting Exhibition” (Korea Taegu Art Museum).  He has participated in many important art exhibitions such as “All Things Are Born” (Beijing Republication Agency), “The Second China Art Museum Collection of Young Artists Exhibition” (China Art Museum), “The Tenth National Art Exhibition” (China Art Museum), “Contemporary Sight” (Macau Museum of Art), “Borrowing the Past to Open Today” (Culture of Hungary Center), etc.  His works have won such awards as the “Light of College” Central Academy of Fine Arts Bronze Award for Plastic Arts.

Notable Works

A stone tablet