Born in Wuhan, China, he graduated from the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and is currently the chairman and professor of the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Tang Hui’s creative career began in the early 1990s. As early as in the early 1990s, he expressed the attitude of young intellectuals towards the humanities and history with surrealist style of painting.  Perhaps that was the time when he laid down the clues that persisted in his creation. Such clues are also more obvious in this latest exhibition.  Later, with the gradual popularity of cartoon, cartoon, video game and network culture, Tang Hui’s works turned to his wild thoughts about the future and his look back at history, starting with the “Tang Cheng Plan” in 2002.

The Monument Series, which began in 2007, represents his vision and recollection of tomorrow and yesterday, respectively. These ethereal and melancholy images are his plans for his ideal society.

Notable Works

Materia Medica Series 001 Propylene Flax 50×60cm 2016

Monument series propylene flax 50×60cm 2013

Nara Deer Series 2014-1 Water Soluble Pencil on Paper