Born in 1980 in Shahe, Hebei Province, he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Hebei Normal University in 2004.

Notable works

” Peach Blossom Garden”, ” Sheepskin Hanging”, ” Sunflower Under Stone Bridge”, ” Lion Peak Mountain Scenery”, ” Cotton Field”, ” Bashu Sanskrit Tone” and ” Autumn Day”


2018 the national art fund brahman shadow painters-Bashu grottoes statues and paintings creative talent training exhibition, Dazu stone carving museum Chongqing gaoxiaohua art museum Chengdu
2017 ” Art Market” Third Landscape Oil Painting Research Class Report Exhibition, Beijing
2016 ” Art Market” 2nd New Young Artist Nomination Exhibition, Beijing
2015 ” Art Market” Magazine’s First Report Exhibition of Landscape Oil Painting Research Class, Art Market Art Museum Beijing