Famous sculptor.  Graduated from the sculpture department of the central academy of fine arts.  Learn from Mr. Qian Shaowu, a leading Chinese sculptor.  Currently, he is deputy director of the comprehensive art department of the school of fine arts of east China normal university, director of the teaching and research section of sculpture and public art, associate professor and responsible professor of painting and sculpture.  Distinguished professor, Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Member of China Sculpture Association and Director of China Interior Decoration Association.  He also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with East China Institute of Architectural Design and Research in his personal capacity.

Twenty-two works from all over the world are permanently stored in one of the artists in Expo 2010 Shanghai China.  He has also created many landmark public works of art.  He is an important artist active in public artistic creation.

Notable Works

 ” Ring” and ” Music for the Future”