Born in 1984 in the Old City of Hebei Province from 2012 to 2014, Liang Zhanyan Yan, a Chinese National Academy of Painting, is an ink painter.

Notable Works

“Questioning Spring Picture”, “Leisure Interest Picture”, “Feng qiu huang”, “Beauty Picture” and “Leisure Interest”


2015  Ink-broken Paper Matrix-Damei Ink Rhyme Contemporary Young Painters’Invisible Standing Exhibition in Jinan
Moyan — “Collection of Chinese Paintings” Excellent Young Artists Nominated and Exhibited in Qingzhou
2014 Participation in the Tenth Anniversary Achievement Exhibition of the National Academy of Painting, Beijing
Participation in the First Nanjing International Art Exhibition
Baotou participated in the auspicious grassland, Danqinglucheng-National Chinese Painting Exhibition (China Artistic Association)
Participation in Harbin Biennale of Fine Arts (China Association of Fine Arts) Harbin
2013 Participation in the National Chinese Painting Exhibition (CAPA) Fushun
2012  Participation in the opening of Wu Guanzhong Museum of Art and the National Exhibition of Chinese Painting Works (CAPA) Yixing