Born in Inner Mongolia in 1984, graduated from photography major of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and now works and lives in Beijing.

Notable Works

“Sister-in-law”, “Kuafu”, “Langyuan”, “Zhurong and Burning me”


Solo Exhibitions

2019 Mixed Beautiful Cockroaches: Zongning Solo Exhibition Shipa Gallery
2017 Zongning Personal Project Yang Gallery
2016 Zongning’s Solo Exhibition: Utopian Voice, Holzlya Museum of Contemporary Art
2015 Water Dog – Zongning Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery
2014 Greenwood Road – No Survival Group Crosstalk Special Stadium, Diyi Site, Songzhuang Art Museum
2013 In this way – Photography Group Exhibition, Full Photography Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2019 Editorial Department-Collection, Processing and Reproduction of Information (Third City Dictionary) 33 Contemporary Art Center Special Art Project for the Chinese New Year in 2019 – First Time: Wanjia Lighting
What a pity that there was no exhibition on Monday, December 31! Geomantic Treasure Space
Workshop on Painting Art Museum of Nanjing Academy of Art
2017 Scanning Contemporary Art under the Sky – Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Art Museum (Old Museum)
Reality of Construction-Introspection of Reality, Asian Center for Field Art Finding the Attribute of Illusion: Realizing and Destroying the Local Art Gallery
The Art Space of Happy Coast Box in OCT
The Question of View: Young Artists’Vision and Local Experience, Guangdong Museum of Art
The Second Yangtze River International Biennial Video Exhibition-Wanzhang Gaolou Rising on the Flat, Chongqing Yangtze River Contemporary Art Museum
2016 Qiulindu Yan Wenyu River
Why do you perform? Ming and Contemporary Art Museum
305-300 = 5 Fifth Exhibition, 305 Space
2015 Winter 2015 guerrilla race for electric car canopy, Yilang International
305-300 = 5 fourth round, 305 Space
305-300 = 5 Second Exhibition, 305 Space Cui Cancan Studio
305-300 = 5 First exhibition 305 Space
Yang Gallery @Shanghai Art and Image Exhibition 2015, Shanghai Exhibition Center
Six rings are one more ring than five rings. One-way space. Huajiadi store
2014 Beijing Contemporary Tang Art Center
Changqing Gallery (Beijing)
Pace Gallery (Beijing)
Exhibition as an Unsurvived Group
Wu Qing – Exhibition, Secret Workshop, Transparent Workshop. We say that if there is space, there will be space.
Simple Life is Interesting!
2013 Inverse Pitch – The Voice of 100 Artists – Keep Genetically Modified Food Away from Us, Beijing Contemporary Tang Art Center
Do I have any questions? —— Not only the exhibition of contemporary art belonging to seven young people, but also the space on all sides
2012 China’s Future, Today’s Art Museum
Inside and Outside – Photography Exhibition, Full Photography Gallery
2011 XXX: Contemporary Art in the Next Decade, Today’s Art Museum
2010 Decade Exposure: Central Academy of Fine Arts and Contemporary Chinese Images, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum
Yian Gallery @Beijing International Art Expo 2010, Taipei World Trade Center
Yian Gallery @2010 Taipei International Contemporary Art Fair, 9th Floor, Taipei Dynasty Hotel
2009 Yian Gallery @2009 First Beijing International Contemporary Art Hotel Expo, Beijing Jinmao Westin Hotel
2008 Moving – Artists Group Exhibition, Yi’an Gallery [Removed]
OPENING Open Summer Group Exhibition Yian Gallery
Dream and Reality: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Happy Commune, Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art